jueves, octubre 18


Effy: What are you doing here?
Freddie: I want an explanation.
Effy: Freddie.
Freddie: Do you know what you've done to me? Just dumping me with no reason at all.
Effy: I had reason.
Freddie: ...Or did John steal your soul, as well as your past?
Anthea: Tea and biscuits?
Effy: Mum!
Freddie: The night before you dumped me, you told me that you love me.
Effy: I know.
Freddie: So look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love me now.
(Effy stays silent. Freddie kisses her.)
Effy: Don't do that! I went crazy when I was with you! I can't let that happen again. Love's not supposed to do that. You made me go mad!
Freddie: You're making me mad now, Effy. And that's exactly what love is supposed to do.